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Enter your student Id #:   and click . Click here to download a blank student profile form. Save your Student Profile as a PDF with the file name: lastname_firstname.pdf (ex. smith_john.pdf).
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Counselor Letters of Recommendation
If your college requires a counselor evaluation form, you must provide your Counselor with a copy of that form via e-mail at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline for submitting that form.

If your college requires a letter of recommendation from your Counselor, you must notify your Counselor via e-mail that you need a letter of recommendation submitted on your behalf. This written notification must be submitted to your Counselor at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline for submitting the letter.

Teacher Letters of Recommendation
If teacher recommendations are needed, give a copy of your student profile to the teacher for reference. The teacher should be given at least four weeks to write your letter of recommendation. Please provide the teacher with a stamped envelope addressed to the Admissions Office.

SAT and ACT Scores
It is the student's responsibility to have SAT and ACT scores sent directly to the college/university/NCAA. SAT and ACT scores are not on your transcript. Plan ahead, scores can take up to six weeks.

SAT: or 1-866-756-7346 ACT: or 1-319-337-1313.

Milton's CEEB School Code: 110060
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Request your Transcript